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Privacy Protection


STYLE RENTALS.gr collects your personal data only:

a) when the visitor / user subscribes to its services and

b) when using its services.

STYLE RENTALS.gr uses the personal data of visitors / users / members for three general purposes:

for providing informational support to her customers / users about services offered in parallel with their demands..

for accessing to the customer satisfaction info related with services offered in STYLE RENTALS.gr

for informing its customers on new service offerings.


For e-trade services, visitors/users are requested following information by STYLE RENTALS.gr: Name-Surname / Company Name – Individual and Company Address - Postcode - Phone - E-mail - fax - TIN - Registered Tax Office - City - Country - Credit Card info. Information mentioned above is requested for STYLE RENTALS.gr’s financial records and billing documents. The igfs.gr may use these data in order to determine clients’ personal preferences and to make them new offers unless the visitor/ member indicate otherwise. Client data, which also includes their personal purchasing preferences, are never shared with the third parties except specific conditions mentioned in the contract.


The Credit Card used by the visitor/ user for payments to STYLE RENTALS.gr services will be charged only once and only for single transaction. The STYLE RENTALS.gr is not responsible for the terms and conditions confirmed on using personal data put forward by the financial institutions during transaction.


At the management and protection of personal data of the visitor/user, the STYLE RENTALS.gr are subjected to mentioned arrangements and relevant provisions of Greek legislation (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data as supplemented by the decisions of the President of the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, the PD 207/1998 and 79/2000 and Article 8 of Law 2819/2000 as Law 2774/1999 and European law (Directives 95/46 / EC and 97/66/EC). In any case, the STYLE RENTALS.gr reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data of visitors / users and within the existing or possible future legal framework. Those visitors / users who do not confirm the terms of protection of personal data mentioned here, cannot benefit from the services provided by STYLE RENTALS.gr.